Cobb Salad Rice Bowls 0 Love a rice bowl – this inspiration was perfect for winter when we want something warmer than salad! Rice bowls are also filling and great to use leftovers! I subscribe to the goal of: grain + protein + veg + drizzle = grain bowl
The Three Bite Rule - Cobb Salad Rice Bowl Cobb Salad Rice Bowls Buy Xanax Pfizer Online Ingredients: (serves 4) 1 1/2 cup rice/grain 4 breaded chicken tenders 4 hard boiled eggs 2 cups greens (I used arugula) ~3 tomatoes ~6 oz cheese 1/4 cup salad dressing Directions: Cook the rice and the chicken and hard boil the eggs. (My rice was in the pressure cooker for 10 minutes and my chicken went into the air fryer.) While the rice, chicken, and eggs cook, chop the cheese, tomatoes, and greens.
The Three Bite Rule - Cobb Salad Rice Bowl Assemble as you like and drizzle with dressing. Can You Buy Soma In Mexico Enjoy! Bacon, avocado, and pickles would all be great additions too but my avo decided a few days prior to this meal ‘it was now or nothing’.

The Three Bite Rule - Cobb Salad Rice Bowl The kiddos had cukes versus greens, and they like theirs separate and to dip into dressing. I stirred some bacon bits into the rice when I made it the first time!

There’s a whole category (over to the right under “rice/grain bowls”). I pack them for lunch all the time too – I just scoop out the raw things and warm the rest and dump back on and drizzle. Voila!

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