Cobb Salad Burger 0 Ohh yes I did. You’re welcome. This burger was de-lightful. I’m on a roll with burger ideas and know they tend to fizzle out a bit once I get into fall/winter mode, but this one was so fun. The burger toppings are inspired by a cobb salad. Hard boiled eggs, bacon, sweet lettuce, blue cheese dressing, etc make eggs-cellent toppings! It’d also be great on a cobb salad bed rather than a bun, if that’s your thing. The Three Bite Rule - Cobb Salad Burger

You could do this year round in a pan/griddle and it is a great cooking-for-one dinner idea or prime when you’re in the “what’s for dinner” scrounging through the fridge.

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Burgers (mine was a chicken burger) rolls 2 strips of bacon per burger lettuce cucumber, sliced thinly 2 hard boiled eggs blue cheese dressing


Hard boil the eggs and let them cool then pan fry the bacon until crisp. Buy Alprazolam Online Grill the burgers. Top with lettuce, cukes, egg slices, bacon, and blue cheese dressing. Enjoy! The Three Bite Rule - Cobb Salad Burger This was a fun one. I used potato rolls that just seemed to make this burger. Yum.