Cantaloupe Smoothie 1

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source site I don’t know why I haven’t ever used cantaloupe for a smoothie before. I tend to go for berries but switching up the fruits are important! Mr. J isn’t that into fruit, but he likes cantaloupe so after he did all the hard work of cutting it up and storing it in the fridge, I helped myself to some in a smoothie.

go site bfcd730bc9d3e289279e502ddb0ecc8f source link The flavor is so delicate, so I wanted to pair it with a fruit that wouldn’t overpower it. Also, I still have TONS of frozen pears in the freezer thanks to a generous host of a fall pear-picking-party who doesn’t even like pears.

here Ingredients: 1+ cups of cantaloupe 1 cup of frozen pears
1/2 cup vanilla Greek yogurt
2 tbs milk
1-2 tbs flax seed

follow Directions:
Add the fruit & yogurt into a blender
The Three Bite Rule - Cantaloupe Smoothie
Add in the yogurt, a splash of milk, and flax seed.
The Three Bite Rule - Cantaloupe Smoothie
Blend and enjoy!
The Three Bite Rule - Cantaloupe Smoothie
The flaxseed + light colored fruits makes for more of a murky-colored smoothie, but it was lovely and a great way to use a melon before it gets too squishy. Swapping the milk for some orange juice would wake this up a bit, though I liked the subtle flavors. The flaxseed doesn’t add any flavor or taste. It is just a good source of fiber, possible source to lower cholesterol and helps heart health in general.

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