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go to link Breakfast sandwiches are one of my favorite things to eat. Offer me anything and a breakfast sandwich and I’ll always go for the bfast sand. This time I made it as a panini and it was so good. I like to think the panini made it more dinner-ish but that might just be me. Bfast for dinner is so fast and I only used one pan and the panini press to whip all this up!


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Ingredients: (makes 2 paninis) 4 slices of bacon Buy Valium 5Mg Online Uk 3 eggs see 6 slices of cheddar 1 tomato, sliced click here 4 slices sourdough bread


Buy Valium London Chop the bacon and pan fry until crisp. Drain out the grease, spray with nonstick spray. go Whisk the eggs, season with salt & pepper, then pour into the bacon pan. Buy Diazepam From India Cook through and flip once making one flat egg disk. The Three Bite Rule - Breakfast Panini follow url Preheat the panini press, grill pan, or a griddle. Buy Genuine Diazepam Online Uk Assemble the sandwich with the bread, half the cheese, and tomato slices. follow url The Three Bite Rule - Breakfast Panini Then add egg, bacon, and the remaining cheese. The Three Bite Rule - Breakfast Panini Brush with olive oil and grill the sandwiches. The Three Bite Rule - Breakfast Panini
Serve with potatoes or fruit! I went with sweet potato tots…my fav. The Three Bite Rule - Breakfast Panini
My local bagel joint makes their sandwiches with egg cooked like this…more like an omelet than a fried egg. Cheese on either side of the bread holds everything together, and the egg stays together more than scrambled would. My other favorite breakfast sandwich spot chops the bacon instead of leaving long strips which is genius. You get some in every bite! Suggested adaptations: 
bfast panini + cheese with the egg = omelette panini
bfast panini – bacon + ham/sausage/or meatless
bfast panini – bacon + ham + sautéed onions = western panini
bfast panini – bread + english muffin (still panini pressed)

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