Blogaversary: The Three Bite Rule Turns 3 3

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go Can you believe it? I’m amazed that The Three Bite Rule turns 3 today!! What?? How is that possible? I’m amazed. I’m thrilled so many of you have been loyal readers and I’m glad to welcome any occasional visitors. Whether you’ve read from the beginning with tiny dark photos or you know me of recent. Thank you. Enjoy and I hope you continue to join me (also there’s a giveaway if you make it to the end)!

get link I started blogging about food because I really like trying to figure out how to make things. I also really like recommending restaurants and I definitely think food is a serious part of any vacation. I wanted a sustainable blog name, and schedule. I took a 1-session intro to blogging class and quickly realized I already knew that keeping up with your writing schedule was important. I also knew social media. Also, it made sense the suggestion not to pick a name that wouldn’t always fit (like something with Bostonian or about my age, or whatever. I figured I was a step ahead of some folks who had blogging topics that couldn’t work for a whole year to talk about 2 vacations taken that year. I’d love to see the blogs from that program.

Buy Valium 5Mg Online Uk Order Diazepam Online Canada So far, The Three Bite Rule has had:
450 posts
2,118 photos
38 categories
786 twitter followers
317 Pinterest followers
90 FB followers

click here Cheap Valium For Sale Let’s reflect on last year’s goals:

    • more giveaways: ehhh. I didn’t quite deliver on this one (there’s one at the end of this post, if you make it through)
    • more tips & techniques for some of the stuff I do best: I think I got better at writing in a systematic approach for instruction
    • more comments (that means you!): I’d always like a few more, but I love ’em all! Comment below!
    • more foodie crafts & reading: I posted a few more books for foodies, which are surprisingly well received by readers. I’ll likely keep ’em going.
    • better photos & more time spent to get nice shots: I think I did better to take more, to give myself more options. This is always something I can work on.

source url go Time for some annual superlatives, shall we?

Buy Diazepam In Uk “Early-Bird” Bfast Favorite
Mocha Nut Smoothie

follow url Party Animal:
Hosting Brunch Tips

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here Most Photogenic:
Greek Veggie Pizza

Buy Valium 10 Mg Online Best One-Pot Wunder:
Chinese-Style Pork from the Crockpot

go here Favorite Recipe of the YEAR:
Pulled Pork Pizza with Mustard Beer Sauce
pork_pizza_plate_590_390 Party Animal:
Strawberry Basil Sangria

follow link Biggest Sweet Tooth:
Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars
Viewer’s Choice Awards:
Turkey Cranberry & Brie Panini
Breakfast for Dinner: Italian French Toast
Grilled Bruschetta Pizza
Breakfast Inspired Burgers

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source watch G iveaway Time!! Tell me what was your favorite post/recipe/item this year?
You get to share some love for all times my dinner takes twice as long as I move things around for photos, food gets cold, or while others have to wait for me to get over their plate. In exchange my friends at Tuttorosso are gifting you a wooden spoon gift package! a Rafflecopter giveaway

source url spoon2_590_390

go to site spoon1_590_390Comment away! and follow, tweet, etc! I hope you enjoy. The spoon is actually AHHH-MAZING. It is way better than the wooden tools I have, and I thought I had good ones. Seriously, enjoy this one yourself or stick it in somebody’s stocking. It’s that good. What a lovely reminder at your hand! Thanks!!!

3 thoughts on “Blogaversary: The Three Bite Rule Turns 3

  1. go to site Wow- three years! Congrats – I love your recipes and I especially love it when you tell about how something might not have come out the way you expected and how you might adjust next time. I loved the recipe using the burrata cheese – I HAD to go find some and try it myself and I loved it too 🙂

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