Birthday Roundup 0

enter site I looooove birthdays! This was the first time in forever I didn’t have a big themed party. It did make me sad, but I just had to put on my big-girl-pants and deal. It just wasn’t in the cards this year. Next year will be a big one so hopefully that’ll work out. Mr. J made me feel special and loved and my family celebration was just perfect. This round up of my birthday wonderfulness is hot of the press. My birthday was just yesterday!

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Order Xanax Overnight Delivery Work is crazyyy right now but the office took time out on a busy Friday, while prepping for an event, to throw an afternoon snack for me. Just wait for the theme. Are you ready? Boston gangster: Whitey Bulger. I’m fascinated by Boston gangster and mobster history and super curious about the trial (which should have been today). bday_office_creampuff_590_390It was such a fun theme and I loved it. Well done ladies.

go to site Mr. J had such an awesome birthday extravaganza day for me on my birthday-eve. I prefer to celebrate for days on end. We went to dinner at the it-spot in our town, Isabella. This place is so renowned that when we went the first time on a weeknight, there was a 2 hour wait. We had a gift certificate and a groupon so we went. to. town. I started with crab cakes. Mr. J started with steak and cheese eggrolls. Then I had duck breast, on duck confit, on pumpkin ravioli with some cherries. Wow is right. Mr. J had the pork chop with sweet potato puree and apple/sausage stuffed zucchini. It was amazing, but not photo-quality light. It was the best meal I’ve had in a very long time, maybe ever.
Then we went to the movies and saw Identity Theft (jk, Thief. I messed that up all weekend so I wanted to keep it going for Mr. J). It was very funny and going to a late-night movie felt very special.

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source url On the morning of my actual birthday, there were flowers and a card just waiting for me even after our late night out. That is love.
bday_flowers_590_590 We went to brunch with a very beloved couple. I love brunch and I was just so touched that they wanted to make a plan happen even when my party plans hadn’t worked out. I love seeing my old roommates so much and I’m thankful that the spouses know how connected we’ll be forever.

see url The fam dinner party was great. Mum made a really amazing dinner. Crepes! I loved them and am obsessed with planning a trip to Paris…stay tuned. We had chicken and spinach crepes in an decadent creamy sauce with just a few delightfully crisp edges. There were stuffed mushrooms, carrots and fruit.
Of course we had the cake. THE cake. Chocolate ring of coconut fudge. This is no other cake for our family birthdays. It was the gooey-est that it has ever been. YUM.