Birthday Party Theme: Apps & Zerts

Buy Valium Toronto 2 This year may have been my best birthday theme ever. My life in event planning is Parks & Rec…to a tee. It is perfectly accurate in case you were wondering. I’m reasonably sure most of the jurisdictions I work with have assistants who are bribed not to let calls go through. They’ve referenced the piles of paper they have to get through and regularly do me a favor, by doing their jobs. Work hasn’t made me bitter, but I see the disparity in customer service all the time. I have a special place in my heart for park folks around the country who take their jobs as seriously as Leslie Knope.

Mr. J took all the photos so I could enjoy myself. It was wonderful and delicious. My friends are really talented. Somehow I thought there’d be a more manageable quantity of food compared to last year’s birthday food theme, but (K)nope, there was more! apps_zerts_namecard_590_390

Without further ado, here they are!

Buy Diazepam Online Cheap Here’s the app winner: Not Swanson’s Zucchini Goat cheese Rolls (the winner won Ron Swanson paper dolls)
This is the zert winner: S’more Cups (this winner got Leslie Knope paper dolls)
These had LOTS of votes so it won a runner up award aka, a sketch of Tom Haverford
This runner up got a sketch of Ben Wyatt since the flavors were so complex
This runner up got the Chris Trager health award

This runner up got a sketch of Donna since I thought Donna would find this Benz-worthy

Buy Valium 1000 There was so much food! This one was mine!
this was mine too! apps_zerts_popcorn_590_390



apps_zerts_cookie sand_590_390

apps_zerts_brownies_590_390 Are you hungry now?

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