Birthday Party Theme: Apps & Zerts 2 This year may have been my best birthday theme ever. My life in event planning is Parks & Rec…to a tee. It is perfectly accurate in case you were wondering. I’m reasonably sure most of the jurisdictions I work with have assistants who are bribed not to let calls go through. They’ve referenced the piles of paper they have to get through and regularly do me a favor, by doing their jobs. Work hasn’t made me bitter, but I see the disparity in customer service all the time. I have a special place in my heart for park folks around the country who take their jobs as seriously as Leslie Knope.

Buy Diazepam Legally Online Mr. J took all the photos so I could enjoy myself. It was wonderful and delicious. My friends are really talented. Somehow I thought there’d be a more manageable quantity of food compared to last year’s birthday food theme, but (K)nope, there was more!

Cheap Alprazolam Pills Without further ado, here they are!

watch Here’s the app winner: Not Swanson’s Zucchini Goat cheese Rolls (the winner won Ron Swanson paper dolls)
This is the zert winner: S’more Cups (this winner got Leslie Knope paper dolls)
These had LOTS of votes so it won a runner up award aka, a sketch of Tom Haverford
This runner up got a sketch of Ben Wyatt since the flavors were so complex
This runner up got the Chris Trager health award

go apps_zerts_guac_590_390
This runner up got a sketch of Donna since I thought Donna would find this Benz-worthy

Order Alprazolam 1Mg There was so much food! This one was mine!
this was mine too!

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Buy Diazepam From China apps_zerts_quesadillas_590_390

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Buy Alprazolam Cheap apps_zerts_neutella_590_390
apps_zerts_cookie sand_590_390

apps_zerts_brownies_590_390 Are you hungry now?

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