Behind the Food Trucks

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Do you watch the Great Food Truck Race? I’m obsessed. I love it. They were in BOSTON and I didn’t even know it! I googled to see when it was actually filmed but now I know where they parked. The finale is Sunday night. I’ll be glued to the food network. Anywho, there are a bunch of food trucks that park right near my office and I’ve never shyed away from food truck events.

Last fall I went to this food truck festival and had some fightin’ words. I happened upon the make-up event for the Greenway’s Food Trucks. Buy Real Diazepam Uk I featured a guest post of a food truck festival. They do make me wonder about the logistics since that’s my area. Permits in Boston are redonkulous. Trust me, I get permits for parks, parades, food service, fire safety etc and they are no small feat. I also wonder about where they park at night, how they track their sales, hiring, and how they got the truck outfitted to begin with.

Soma 350 Mg Pill Boston’s probably ONLY helpful page of the city’s website is about food trucks. There’s a schedule of who will be parked where that is searchable. It also has tips to get a business started. Now, maybe you’re not trying to start a business (I know I’m not!) but I got this guest postĀ and thought it was really interesting. America's Food Truck Infographic Full 3 Bite Rule Disclosure: This guest post was sent to me as a complimentary guest post to use’s image if I chose to. My thoughts, opinions, and words are entirely my own. I was notĀ compensated; I just thought it was interesting. Buy Valium Diazepam 10Mg