Bacon Wrapped Burgers


I was really excited for my menu for Mr. J’s birthday. My guy loooves a good burger so I thought about a bacon wrapped burger. I guess Birthday Burgers are a tradition now since I made stuffed burgers for his birthday last year.

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Zolpidem Prescription Online I googled and saw a few that put bacon around the edge. That’s not good enough. I was thinking of weaving it to make a little bacon wrapping. bacon_burger_cooked_590_390 It seemed like it would cook ok, it just might need to be secured with toothpicks (I recommend counting them to be sure they all come out). We strategized that getting the bacon crisped on the first side might help keep it all together before flipping.

Ingredients 2 burgers strips of bacon (4-6 strips per burger)

Buy Ambien Cr Canada Directions Lay 3 strips of bacon and interlace 3 other strips in the opposite direction to form an L. bacon_burger_weaved_590_390 Place burger on the bacon intersection. Fold the flaps over and weave them together. bacon_burger_assembled_590_390Mr. J’s was a beef burger. I did ground pork. Though I didn’t eat Mr. J’s burger, I have to say I think the 4 strips of bacon is plenty (versus the 6 on his). I served it with a cucumber ribbon salad. It was plain greek yogurt, dill, garlic, and pepper. bacon_burger_sauce_590_390

I sliced the cucumber with a mandolin but was afraid to make them too thin. I figured not slicing my hand off was a good birthday present too.

Buy Ambien In Canada The burgers were reallllly good. I topped mine with swiss and Mr. J’s with American cheese. I think it was a fun meal.
bacon_burger_cut_590_390 Now what kind of burger am I going to make for his bday next year??

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