Truffle Mushroom Grilled Cheese 0 Ohh so good. I looove mushrooms but I get there not everyone’s fav. I found a nifty mixed mushroom pack and whipped up a mushroom spread. I wanted some texture but a spread to get some flavor in each bite without whole mushrooms. I’m psyched to have leftovers for toast, or burgers, or whatever! The Three Bite Rule - Tuffle Mushroom Grilled Cheese

Truffle Mushroom Spread onto a Grilled Cheese (for 2 & leftover spread)


Buy Diazepam India 4 oz mushrooms (mine was a mix of crimini, shiitake, & oyster) 1 oz butter 1 oz olive oil 1 teaspoon truffle oil 1 teaspoon mayo Soma 350 Mg Street Price 4 slices of bread Cheap Alprazolam 2-3 slices white American cheese 1-2 slices Fontina cheese


Valium To Order Saute mushrooms, butter, oil and truffle oil over medium low heat with a generous sprinkle of salt & pepper. The Three Bite Rule - Tuffle Mushroom Grilled Cheese Cheap Xanax Fast Delivery Pulse half in a food processor a few times to chop then scoop into a bowl. With the 2nd half of the mushrooms in the food processor, add a dollop of mayo and salt & pepper and pulse more into a smaller chop. Add into the bowl and mix together with the coarsely chopped mushrooms. Make in advance & refrigerate until serving or make and enjoy right away. In the pan where the mushrooms cooked, heat to medium with a little olive oil. Assemble the grilled cheeses with mushroom spread on one slice and the duo of cheeses on the other. Spread a tiny bit of butter onto one side and butter side down into the pan. When it is in the pan, spread the other side with a bit of butter. The Three Bite Rule - Tuffle Mushroom Grilled Cheese Cook 2 minutes on each side, until cooked to your liking and all the cheese melts. add a cover to the pan to help melt the cheese before the bread toasts too much. Let sit for 3-5 minutes. Flip once on the cutting board before cutting. Seriously, give it a few minutes before slicing. The Three Bite Rule - Tuffle Mushroom Grilled Cheese Enjoy! Serve with some greens tossed in balsamic. The decadent and gooey grilled cheese with a little tang of the balsamic greens is perfect. I loved how oozy this was. I have some awesome wheaty & nutty bread but used oatmeal bread. American cheese provided the melt factor and the fontina provides a nutty flavor which is strong enough to stand up to the truffle oil and butter. Loved it. Specialty grilled cheeses make great dinners for speed, variety, and this is not your lunchbox sandwich. I’m ready to put this spread on everything. Can you imagine butterflying a pork loin and stuffing with this spread and some spinach? Ohh yeah. Buy Real Alprazolam The Three Bite Rule - Tuffle Mushroom Grilled Cheese

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