Throwback Snack: Dunkaroo Dip 0

I was a bit delayed on Mr. J’s August snack of the month. August’s theme was #throwback so I recreated Dunkaroos! I don’t remember ever seeing them at my house growing up. Essentially it was a cookie dipped into frosting so I doubt they are worse than another cookie with frosting but alas, they are no more…except for Pinterest. It is very addicting. The cake mix makes it.

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Dunkaroo Dip - The Three Bite Rule

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1/2 box funfetti cake mix 1 cup Greek vanilla yogurt 2 cups cool whip

Directions: Mix together the funfetti, yogurt, and cool whip. Dunkaroo Dip - The Three Bite Rule Mix and serve with animal crackers for dipping. Dunkaroo Dip - The Three Bite Rule Add a few more sprinkles serve and enjoy!

Buy Diazepam Wholesale I served these as single dipper portions…much like the 90s treat? Why, yes! I gave Mr. J I Owe Yous with themes for his birthday to get a year of Snacks/Treats. June: hot & cold (Ice cream topping basket) July: shareable (loaded waffle fries) Aug: throwback (this Dunkaroo dip!) Sept: sweet Oct: homemade Nov: chewy Dec: craveworthy Soma 350 Mg Dosage Jan: minty Feb: crunchy Mar: dip-able
April: traditional
May: fresh

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