Speedy Dinner: Pasta with Chicken Sausage in Ricotta

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get link ‘Tis the season to totally need speedy dinners! This pasta dish involved so few ingredients. I often want leftovers for the little one, or for Mr. J to take for lunch, or for the night of the week that is “anything goes” on our menu- other times I know we just won’t get to it so I’d rather not have any left! see url The Three Bite Rule - Ricotta Pasta go Need a bigger serving? Add in another sausage and some more pasta.

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Ingredients: (for ~4 servings)

https://thegreathighway.com/hbz8zx6cn 1/3 pound of pasta 3 chicken sausages
1 cup roasted red peppers, sliced
1 cup ricotta



follow site Boil salted water for the pasta.
In a large skillet, pan fry the chicken sausages (either whole, or sliced) to golden brown (about 5 minutes, flipping. Most chicken sausages come fully cooked so check your packaging and cook through if using a raw product).
The Three Bite Rule - Ricotta Pasta
Add in the roasted red peppers just to warm through.
Drain the pasta when cooked al dente and add into the skillet or into a large bowl with the sausage and red peppers. Stir in the ricotta until coated and warmed.
The Three Bite Rule - Ricotta Pasta

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https://yplocal.us/f8nan80bqa7 The Three Bite Rule - Ricotta Pasta

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go to site I loved the ricotta serving as a cheesy sauce without many ingredients. There are tons of ways to customize this so have at it!
+ pesto
+ other roasted veggies/olives/etc
– chicken sausage and use roasted chicken or go meatless!
– cook in brown butter and serve with a dollop of ricotta instead of serving it mixed in!