July Recap 2023



Wrapping up July has me feeling like time is flying by. Our vacation is August so there’s a lot to look forward to but I’m here wanting to fit in all the summery things before time gets away from me. That also has me tired yet antsy. With work having a fiscal year ending June 30th, I don’t feel like it is summer until July 1 so time’s ticking!

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https://www.prehistoricsoul.com/00q3kww3 In July we had a beach day and went to some town events and dog sat! I was at a conference, went to the Red Sox, and went out with friends.  Alprazolam To Buy Online Uk https://www.chat-quiberon.com/2024/01/18/0w6krmd9 I made a chopped BLT sandwich which was so so good. I plan to repeat as an Italian sub or maybe caprese. 

The Three Bite Rule - Chopped BLT Sandwich

https://www.justoffbase.co.uk/uncategorized/lijllikd7pb I made a Lemon Dijon Pasta Salad to feel ohh-so-summery. 

The Three Bite Rule - Lemon Dijon Pasta Salad

Breakfast Crunchwraps were the most exciting thing to come out of the kitchen! (Shhh! You can always form as a burrito or quesadilla if the folding throws you off!)

The Three Bite Rule - Bfast Crunchwrap

https://equinlab.com/2024/01/18/h9tpejoe4 The Big Kid:  He has been loving camps. They’re all repeats from last year and he’s had friends there! Packing lunches is 90% easier this year. I love seeing him endlessly jump into the pool and his swimming strokes are looking great! He is always wanting very specific coloring sheets and is very into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  

https://space1026.com/2024/01/wt27udwa Carisoprodol 350 Mg Overnight The Little One:  https://mmopage.com/news/bfttd0n67ey She looooves swim lessons and is really proud of herself. Her interest and willingness is what we want. Her birthday is so soon – she has a lot of ideas for themes for this family party…mermaids, wearing her Elsa dress, unicorns and she may have spouted ideas to others. Order Real Xanax Next month will include a week at the beach, C’s birthday, more time at the pool, and as much fun as we can pack in!

https://mmopage.com/news/9paflv8342e Year of workwear! I used some store credit to get 2 tops.
https://therepairstore.ca/ndhvbmtr Salads or side-dishes: Pasta Salad seems like a side! I had it as lunch, but there are no rules!
prep ahead bfasts or lunches for weekdays: I’ve not been on top of this but need to. 
Buy Diazepam Tablets Uk Monthly dates: We fit in 2! We went to El Centro and Myers & Chang!
https://modaypadel.com/0pivj48mf Declutter/cleaning: umm, I don’t think I really did.
Buy Alprazolam In Mexico Workouts as a routine: Yes! I’m doing one that has good workouts but I like the down out the leader with my own playlists.
https://fireheartmusic.com/vkkmhbw21wx What I’m reading: I read I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jenette McCurdy for bookclub and we had a lot to talk about. I read Every Summer After and think it was overhyped. Vera Wong’s unsolicited Advice for Murders was kind of fun – the food references and the elderly main character. I thought The Admissions was going to be very different so being so-so on it was prob my own expectations.

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