July 2020 Recap

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https://www.mtwmag.com/lv3upaq July wrapping up has me wondering what the fall will be like- along with the rest of the country. We don’t know what school will be like for kindergarten. Returning to daycare will be a change too. I’m working remotely and I’ve settled into that. July normally would have been a summer vacation week to the beach but this year we just went for a day. It was good for what it was. I don’t feel like I’m mourning what “should have been”.

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go site In the kitchen this month. I went with a lettuce-less salad series. Lettuce is my least fav part of salad so I strove for salads that are fresh and cool and packed with flavor and texture without any greens. Also, whip up some easy chocolate mousse.


https://melissasmissteak.com/613yf30egx This peach, tomato, and mozzarella salad has a balsamic drizzle and was DE-LIGHT-FUL. The kids loved it and it turned Mr. J onto peaches! It was great and we’re already due for a repeat. https://www.mtwmag.com/87ri7xyzs4 The Three Bite Rule - Peach & Mozzarella Salad


https://mybeautybunny.com/djgim7p72 Another one was purple cabbage, carrots and peanut sauce with so much flavor and crunch alongside our sesame noodles & edamame. Brown sauce isn’t photogenic but peanut sauce is so great and this isn’t one to miss. Buy Generic Diazepam Uk The Three Bite Rule - Cabbage Slaw with Peanut Sauce https://www.woolcan.net/hga11qp We also had this watermelon, mint, and cucumber salad as a relish or topping for grilled chicken. It was so juicy and crunchy and perfect. I chopped ours tiny- for topping and for a 2 year old. It could easily be bigger chunks for a side. watch The Three Bite Rule - Watermelon Mint Relish


The Pre-K Guy:

source url He’s becoming such a strong swimmer! He would have had a summer of swimming lessons at daycamp but here we are. I’m amused to see his monochromatic outfit choices. He looooved getting library books for the first time since March! He’s into the sandbox and puttering around the driveway with tools and discarded remnants from Mr. J’s projects. Go Jetters is his show of choice for the moment. Snacky lunch is the current fav and cherries!

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The Toddler Girl:

https://thelearninglamp.org/hcc0ruanq Her tiny voice singing is just so dang cute. She loves wheels on the bus, happy birthday, itsy bitsy spider and I can’t get enough of it. Her strength and determination is shining through once in a while – maybe I should stop telling her she’s about to be two? She loves jelly, peaches, and yogurt. Her impressions repeating what somebody just said, in their tone is also amusing.


This Year’s Goals:

https://iberomedia.com/blog-inbound-marketing/pzqjpdxfr Year of beauty/selfcare – I got new facewash – so exciting! haha Buy Real Diazepam Uk Prep intentional sides and veggies: Yup! All the salads! https://naturallyequine.com/2023/11/ska8p709sk Eat more fish: ehh I don’t know that we had much fish this month source link Blog some series: salads, sans lettuce! https://londonorienteering.co.uk/2023/11/hytso87 Focus decluttering/organizing to an area: I didn’t but should get back on that. see url Share more books on instagram: I’ve shared the collections I pull for the kids and what I’m into. https://palmlabsadhesives.com/v4f7rwu4o8x Prioritize workouts: I finished barre blend. Then I got going on a lifting one. It is too hot to run this week but I’ve tended to do ~2 miles once a week. here What I’m reading: I finished The Secrets We Kept for bookclub and loved how many topics are represented, then read Girl Woman Other and was so captivated and connected to the characters, and The Wife Between Us which was a thriller but actually lighter in terms of thought required. I’m just finished Beyond Belief: My Secret Life inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape which is a bit lengthy and too many details included and lacked enough personal reflection for me- I preferred Leah Remini’s book for an overview of Scientology and for a personal experience.  https://melissasmissteak.com/owcn4vajkjw What I’m listening to: a podcast here and there but I’m behind on all that I’d normally catch on my commutes. What I’m watching: we just watched the Last Dance docu-series about Michael Jordon and the 1990s Bulls. It was so well done and fascinating – despite the fact that I don’t follow basketball and I had no idea all these players were on the same team! We watched the movie The Way Back and thought it was great.