July 2018 Recap

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see url July was different. I’m so so so pregnant and waiting and hoping for this baby to come! I haven’t cooked much and am really focused on fast & easy meals that don’t require too much work. I grabbed a few things at Trader Joe’s being mindful of complete meals, not just items and that has been so helpful. We loved potstickers and fried rice and mini chicken tacos with fire roasted corn and orange chicken to go with rice & peppers. I think I need another haul before the baby comes! I haven’t prepped a bunch of food like last time, so maybe that’ll happen, or not. We’ll see!


https://clikealo.com/xu22y5o6n This might be it for awhile- with any luck, the baby will be here soon and I don’t know that I have grand plans to blog anything! (hear that baby girl, come on out!)

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Favs this month:

https://palmlabsadhesives.com/z70ibggz Flavored cream cheese was a fun and gave me lots of ideas. I made Honey Rosemary Cream Cheese and put it on BLTs before it being bfast. Then I made a different one that I’ll make again and blog for you. https://naturallyequine.com/2023/11/26ek7y6mti1 Honey Rosemary Cream Cheese on BLTs - The Three Bite Rule https://vaidosaefeminina.com/index.php/mg7hwfgogfy Life isn’t complete without a rice bowl like this Kielbasa Grain Bowl. I can’t stop. This one wasn’t the most creative, but it was so addictive and hit the spot. https://www.nnhopes.org/nnh-blog/74x8btu25n7 Kielbasa Grain Bowl - The Three Bite Rule Buy Diazepam Powder China I made a Light Lemon Dip that is ideal for this season of produce! https://www.mtwmag.com/jla81s2kaek The Three Bite Rule - Lemon Fruit Dip


Bump Update:

here Last one! Ohh I can’t wait for the baby- especially with my due date in the first few days of August. I’m done being pregnant. Can you tell? Have I mentioned that? I posted something on FB and wanted to slap the 2 people who apparently thought I needed perspective. pshhh. I think sage advice is to just encourage a pregnant person. I doubt any want your unfounded realism- no uterus, no opinion. Sleep is hit or miss and I’m so uncomfortable by the end of the day. I’m in a surviving-not-thriving state. We’re ready with everything so I’m in countdown mode.


The Little Guy:

https://thelearninglamp.org/lpibfch He’s such a swimmer! We got him to try a different swim float. He wasn’t interested initially and I didn’t want to push it since all I cared about right now was comfort at the pool. Plus, there’s a lot changing in our lives so I didn’t see him wanting something different once he was committed to the boating-style life jacket. He tried it and success! He’s so proud of himself and it is much better so he can move around better and do more himself. Foodwise, he’s been quite into pesto and has surprised himself liking things he wasn’t thinking he’d try….we knew he’d like ’em, but hey- to be 3. He got some hand-me-down toys and is obsessed: a very loud fire truck that moves w/ lights & sirens; k’nex which are so fun and we make lots of monsters; duplos or what he calls “big legos”; and a track & vehicle set that might be less annoying when I’m not pregnant.

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This Year’s Goals:

https://www.mtwmag.com/9hrht3xe4jd Year of the candle: nope, just enjoying the few that seem seasonal-ish.  go here Cook more appetizers/snacks: I made Lemon Dip for Fruit go here Taking time to blog thoughtfully: ehh, this wasn’t really something I focused on. watch Journal the cute moments of my little one: I like when he says “maybe this should go here, maybe I want to use this train, maybe we should play ___” https://melissasmissteak.com/5gohczrx What I’m reading:  I’m not sleeping super regularly so I’ve read a lot! I read Before We Were Yours and The People We Hate at the Wedding and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine  https://deepblue.com/ceg6utvsl1 What I’m watching: we watched Chappaquiddick which was fascinating and well done.

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https://iberomedia.com/blog-inbound-marketing/97qu307 I think I’m done blogging until the baby comes and we’ve surfaced for air. Whenever that is. Find me on Instagram in the meantime!

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