Ice Cream Gift

1 The other day, I came home from work after being gone for 12 hours to find a surprise from one of my favorite people, Mrs. Z! I’m proud to be her friend and so impressed she found ice cream to send to me. She even themed it for my life and one of my favorite shows.

Mr. J and I are doing really well dealing with everything and trying to keep on, keepin’ on. It is just so nice to hear from all the people who want to offer condolences and encouragement (note: it doesn’t get old and is greatly appreciated).

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Soma 350 Mg Side Effects That’s just how Mrs. Z rolls. She picks you up, thinks of exactly what you need, and serves it with a smile. She’s one of the kindest people I know and I appreciate her, all the time, but especially now. She just gets me and I know she’ll have a thoughtful response to whatever I throw at her. Her hubbie, Mr. B, is equally awesome (and he was a guest blogger woo hoo!). I only hope I get to meet baby Z allll the way in Houston sometime. I don’t get to see her nearly enough, but we’ve shared some big-time memories, unforgettable moments I’ll never forget. She sent me eCreamery! I haven’t even heard of this! icecream_gift_box_390_390 She named it after Parks & Rec icecream_gift_pint_590_390 It was delicious mint WITH brownie bits and oreo pieces. This is seriously good ice cream…and I know ice cream 😉 icecream_scooped_590_390 icecream_gift_bowl_590_390 I didn’t even know you could send ice cream. A snowy New England day needs ice cream, right? (pssst. If you’d like to repay her with some kindness, support her on her crazy adventure!)

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