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Buy Diazepam Uk Reviews New England’s frigid temps lately have been ohh so freezing and inspiring all the cozy. I feel accomplished that the little one knows after playing in the snow, the next activity is to: get cozy on the couch…blankets, books, and snuggles. While today might feel like spring here in New England, 50s! Woah! I know there’s some more chilly temps ahead. Thus, where my hot chocolate with raspberry & white chocolate comes in! None for the little one, but I know this’ll be dessert on the couch, some night in the near future again!
The Three Bite Rule - Hot Chocolate w/ Raspberry & White Chocolate

see url This recipe has a few specialty ingredients…which I know I don’t love when I see them in recipes- the white hot chocolate & the raspberry syrup. I’m including a few work-around below if an an alternative is helpful.


Hot Chocolate with Raspberry & White Chocolate

Ingredients: 2-3 tablespoons hot chocolate mix (check product for ratios)
1 tablespoon white hot chocolate mix (I used this one, or my grocery store has individual serving packets, 2/$1)
8 oz water/milk
1/4 cup raspberries (I used frozen, plucked from a frozen mixed berry bag)
whipped cream
2 teaspoons raspberry syrup (sold near maple syrups)

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Directions: Heat water to warm but not boiling & mix in hot chocolate and white hot chocolate. Stir well.
The Three Bite Rule - Hot Chocolate w/ Raspberry & White Chocolate
Gently press the raspberries with a spoon to break them down a bit and mix the raspberries & 1 teaspoon of syrup into the hot chocolate.
Spoon out any raspberry solids (if desired – I skimmed a few out)
Add whipped cream & 1 teaspoon of raspberry syrup.


substitution ideas: white hot chocolate mix: I used this – partly because we had it. It is a delight in coffee (hot & iced), but peek at the grocery store, or amazon has millions. It feels like it lasts forever. Stir in a few white chocolate chips if that feels easier!
raspberry syrup: I used this – because we also have it for pancakes/waffles. Another idea would be to boil some raspberries with a splash of water & then strain.

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Buy Indian Alprazolam The Three Bite Rule - Hot Chocolate w/ Raspberry & White Chocolate
LOVED the subtle white chocolate in there. Go full white hot chocolate if that’s your thing. I thought it might be too sweet for me, but it sure would be pretty! Now that you have your hands wrapped around a cozy drink, is your couch getting as much cozy time as mine?

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