Honorary Lasagna Tips

Today’s round up is a few lasagna tips in honor of my father in law. Lasagna was his favorite way to test an Italian restaurant and I’ll always remember him telling me that!


Here’s my lasagna recipe (including the below tips)

Top tips:

5) Make 2, double the recipe or split it into 2 pans. It freezes well for another time or makes a great gift (include reheating, freezing instructions, and ingredient info if you’re gifting it).

4) Continue the ‘power of 2’. Be sure to use more than one sauce and more than one meat. I like marinara and alfredo, or pesto adds a welcomed freshness. If you want to stay more traditional think about bruschetta topping as a sauce. I usually do ground chicken and sausage, but ground pork and ground beef would be good. Or something ground and pancetta/prosciutto.

3) Lots ‘o veggies. Add in chopped spinach, or leeks, or shredded zucchini. The veggies add lovely color and who doesn’t need a hidden serving of veggies? I like diced veggies rather than slices but that’s your call.

2) Forget the low-fat ricotta. It isn’t the same. Food processing cottage cheese is a healthier option. Or add in some plain greek yogurt for some creaminess and protein. Sliced mozzarella or provolone are easy additions too for cheese.

1) Think of alternative ingredients. I love butternut squash lasagna or veggie lasanga. It can be a good use for leftovers like meatloaf or a surplus of veggies. You can “cheat” and use ravioli in place of the pasta & ricotta layers. Dig around in your fridge. Any veggies can go in, or chopped sliced deli meat. Tapanades or spreads could give it a Mediterranean flavor. Make it your signature dish!

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