Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

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get link I saw some homemade peanut butter cups on pinterest and knew I had to make them for my dad. He loves peanut butter cups (and passed that love to me). I made these for Father’s Day and they were amazing, if I do say so myself.


https://melissasmissteak.com/kute6mpv3 They were way easier than I thought they’d be. I will definitely make these again. The pb cups had the flavors everyone loves but there was more chocolate (which makes them better, duh). I made mini ones and used the leftovers to make just a few big ones. https://mybeautybunny.com/eqfea8q5w pb_cups_cut_590_390

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Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

The recipe comes from Brown Eyed Baker


https://londonorienteering.co.uk/2023/11/2pu6aeqxyx2 1 cups creamy peanut butter https://vaidosaefeminina.com/index.php/1170o2u ¼ cup unsalted butter https://melissasmissteak.com/bfk5joka ¼ cup light brown sugar https://clikealo.com/esf8i8i5u 1¼ cups powdered sugar enter site 4 cups milk chocolate chips https://naturallyequine.com/2023/11/u1r6th1m5s3 ¼ cup vegetable shortening

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https://naturallyequine.com/2023/11/lhhskngw6 In a medium saucepan, combine peanut butter, butter and brown sugar over medium heat. Heat until completely melted and starting to bubble, stirring constantly. Remove from the heat. Add the powdered sugar a ¼ cup at a time, stirring until completely combined with the peanut butter mixture after each addition. Set aside and let cool. watch pb_cups_sauce_590_390 source site Melt the chocolate chips and shortening together in a double-boiler until completely melted.


https://palmlabsadhesives.com/3gyikm6 Using a small cookie scoop or a couple of teaspoons, spoon melted chocolate into the bottom of each lined muffin cup. follow site pb_cups_filled_590_390Place a peanut butter scoop on top of each chocolate-lined muffin tin. Then use a scoop or spoon to add more melted chocolate on top and around each peanut butter patty.


source pb_cups_trayfilled_590_390 https://iberomedia.com/blog-inbound-marketing/pz78qz45 Refrigerate again for 30 minutes, then they’re ready to serve! Most of them looked good but this imperfect one seemed like a good one to taste test I mean photograph and cut up. Buy Crescent Diazepam pb_cups_whole_590_390 https://www.woolcan.net/7gfy9c3evg0 I was afraid they might not come out of the wrappers, but that wasn’t a problem at all. My peanut butter sauce wasn’t as thick as Brown Eyed Baker’s was. The original recipe suggested rolling the peanut butter mixture into disks.

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source url These were very good, and so worth it.

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