February 2016 Recap

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https://londonorienteering.co.uk/2023/11/c9j8sbg February coming to an end means my birthday is just around the corner!! I’m so excited for my birthday this year. Last year my bday was kinda crappy. I was by myself during the day and Baby T screamed all. day. long. I ate a frozen burrito by myself while Mr. J took the babe off my hands at night. That wasn’t our easiest time and everything got better a few weeks later. I did have a fun & festive fam bday last year that was graciously brought to my house. Anywho, I’m living the dream now so bring it on!

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https://naturallyequine.com/2023/11/y0fd2l70 Mr. J and I went to fancy-pants brunch for Valentine’s Day at Aquitaine which was so lovely and I also surprised him with a date night to Pastoral this month.

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Buy Diazepam Germany I was quite into the pressure cooker this month! #obsessed I made lentils with carrots and spinach that was a really ideal base to get topped with a quickly seared chicken sausage. That is a perfect weeknight dinner! Then I made a show-stopping Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic & Cherries. https://naturallyequine.com/2023/11/z9gibob02p The Three Bite Rule - Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic & Cherries Order Valium Online Canada With a few little snow-storms and then random warm (aka 50-degree days in February) there was quite the mix. One warm day we made some burgers that I still wanted to seem like winter burgers. I topped them with dried cranberries and topped with brie and lemon aioli. Ooo la la! https://vilarriba.com/2023/11/06/epwykc2 The Three Bite Rule - Burger with Brie & Cranberries https://www.woolcan.net/ztun3mq3 I fell off the savory-breakfast bandwagon but made little puff pastry egg cups that were addicting! https://mybeautybunny.com/jibrdkye4 The Three Bite Rule - Puff Pastry Cups with Eggs and Spinach


source site Buy Valium 2016 Goals: https://makerversity.org/717wanusnj The Year of the: Seasonal Decor I was treated by an awesome Etsy shop Urban Fringe Living to a Valentine’s Day sign! I am so in LOVE. https://www.lizandryan.com/sh927rz do something a different way: I’ve tried alternative routes from work to see what is fastest to get to daycare. I didn’t find a better one, but you never know until you try! Another “different” was picking up Mr. J at work to surprise him for a date-night! We had amazing pizzas at Pastoral and I loved every second. https://deepblue.com/kexmrvq4o drink more water: I’m doing well. I never seem to get above 50 oz, but that’s OK with me. follow link make more interesting side dishes: Ohh yeah. Caesar brussels sprouts for the win! These lentils with veggies were good too! follow link cook more soups & sauces: ehh. I missed this one this month. Buy Valium Ampoules watch more movies: This month Mr. J and I watched Tammy, Good Will Hunting, and Trainwreck enter site make working out a higher priority: I’m back into some classes at the gym. I went to a zumba class with a different instructor who was AH-mazing. I also joined some Fitbit challenges which got me moving more.

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