February 2015 Roundup



Bring on March. I’m ready. I love my birthday month…hint hint! I’m feeling a bit more settled with the baby and being on maternity leave. I also am ready for the news to no-longer drone on and on about the snowiest February ever. Yes, we can see that, moving on.


https://mmopage.com/news/6hxcn5je7x4 February flew by, despite the fact that I didn’t leave the house much. Baby T hadn’t had his 1-month shots (not to mention leaving the premises with a newborn is a production) so I didn’t go many places. It is a good time of year to be home-bound and snuggly. I spent much of February in yoga pants or pjs to breastfeed, nap, or figure out mommy-hood. There were good days, and some of the toughest I’ve had in awhile. What a mix!

https://fireheartmusic.com/qi7lotn5zvx Here’s what you may have missed during the food of February: https://therepairstore.ca/q4s16v2rvk7 I highly recommend this quick and easy breakfast bake that is pretty much a savory bread pudding or savory french toast. Do it. Customize it. You’ll love it. This was something I prepped for the freezer and was really happy with it. It puffed up for a fluffy breakfast-for-dinner meal straight from the freezer. Buy 1000 Xanax Bars The Three Bite Rule - Breakfast Bake with Ham, Eggs, and Cheese https://sieterevueltas.net/3i166oll For the superbowl, I jazzed up some potato skins. They were good, though I could have done a better job making it more evenly seasoned.

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I’m so happy how this pulled pork eggs benedict came out. I looove leftovers getting to shine in other ways. This pulled pork has 9 lives. I didn’t see any out so I stalked a guy in the meat area and he got one for me. It was huge, and being priced by the pound meant it cost a small fortune. Even with my cheap-skate tendencies I didn’t mind at all since I knew it’d freeze well and I’d be using it a few ways. Wait till I get the next batch out of the freezer! https://manabernardes.com/2024/mpm96q86far The Three Bite Rule - Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict Hands down, the best dish of February was this salmon with creamy dill dressing. I went from being happy with the most decadent breakfast in the world, to posting a salad topped with fish! It also knocked off 2 of my monthly goals (more seafood & making salad dressing). Yes!! https://www.chat-quiberon.com/2024/01/18/n5wpmia94a The Three Bite Rule - Salmon with Creamy Dill & Cucumber Dressing

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https://www.ngoc.org.uk/uncategorized/future-events/ycky4hi2ug https://equinlab.com/2024/01/18/xpvn4njzy Progress on this year’s goals:  The Year of the Earring: you betcha. Here’s this month’s selection  make more salad dressings: YES! I did it! I made a Creamy Dill & Cucumber dressing for my salad with salmon. https://www.ngoc.org.uk/uncategorized/future-events/5ud3rp8r factor more time into how long every-day tasks/trips will take: I didn’t quite succeed in this when heading out with the babe. I’ll keep it in mind though. recreate restaurant menu items: ehh. nope. Not this month. Maybe by not going to restaurants I’ll have to recreate what they’re offering. https://equinlab.com/2024/01/18/z3bz1zvps2f be more adventurous with my reading selections: I gave up on “All the Light We Cannot See”. I found it depressing and I was battling postpartum hormones so I switched to It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell of the blog Can You Stay For Dinner. I loved it, though the beginning was bumming me out a bit. She is enchanting and has a tremendous and moving story to tell of her life-long relationship with food. I highly recommend. Now I’m onto some next options. I borrowed a few from the library for my kindle and will see what I get into.  use the crockpot more: I made one I really liked! I didn’t blog it since there aren’t many steps/techniques/tips for crockpot food, plus, I didn’t tweak the recipe at all. It was chicken cordon bleu topped with stuffing. It was good, and made for a million servings Mr. J took to work and I ate between feedings for the little one. I cut the chicken into chunks and used some diced spiral ham I had in the freezer from Christmas.  #seafoodsunday once a month: So it wasn’t a Sunday, but make this salmon asap. You can thank me later. Plus, the seasoned butter was fun to squish.


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