Breakfast Totchos

0 Tots turned into nachos, for breakfast! We’ve been watching The Great Food Truck Race: Alaska! and there’s a truck called “Some Like it Tot” and while I don’t envision them winning, the concept is still fun (spoiler: also their serving is about 6 tots with toppings for $15 so let’s make these at home, shall we?)
The Three Bite Rule - Totchos

These are like a loaded breakfast hash of sorts but with tator tots. I’m always seeking savory breakfasts and this was so fun! It has tots, beans, cheese, eggs, bacon, green onions, and an optional spicy syrup! Breakfast Totchos Buy Yellow Xanax Online Ingredients: (for 2) 3 cups of tator tots (about 8-10 tots per person) 4 strips bacon Buy Diazepam Cheap Online Uk 2 cups cheese 3 eggs 1/2 cup beans 2 green onions 2 tablespoons salsa 1/2 teaspoon hot sauce 2 tablespoons maple syrup Buy Xanax Generic Online Directions: Bake the tator tots according to the package (mine were 20 minutes at 375 degrees). While the tots cook, pan fry the bacon until crisp- discarding the drippings. In the same pan, with a coating of drippings, cook the eggs to a soft-scramble. Order Pfizer Xanax Online Layer half the cheese onto the tots and melt in the oven. Then assemble with half of the tots as a base layer, topped with half of the eggs, half the beans, half the green onions. Top with remaining tots and repeat, finishing with the remaining cheese. Bake to melt. Stir together the hot sauce and maple syrup.
Out of the oven, add the salsa and a drizzle of spicy syrup.
The Three Bite Rule - Totchos

There are lots of ways to customize these- any kind of beans, guac/avocado would be excellent, a sunny side up egg sounds good, or whatever you’re into for nachos. It is also a great use for any leftover nacho ingredients- not leftover nachos, that’s terrible.

Make them a build-your-own situation! There are a lot of tots made into a casserole for breakfast but the thought of them not being crispy is blasphemy in my book.

Normally I’d be very against maple syrup touching eggs but I was thinking of it like hot honey and the bacon seemed to be the connection there- and I went really minimally. Skip it or go just for hot sauce if you’re not feeling it!

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