Biscuit Cups & Sausage Gravy

0 There are so many breakfasts to share with you! This one is a few weeks old but I was trying to spread them out (there’s still another to post!)! For Dad’s bday I made sausage gravy with biscuit cups. They were so fun and there’s very little cooking involved! I made mini ones to join the many other brunch items being served. They were tasty and just so cute! Make the biscuits in advance and the sausage can be made ahead too! The Three Bite Rule - Sausage Gravy in Biscuit Cups

Ingredients: Makes 20 mini biscuit cups

Buy Upjohn Xanax Online 1 package of 10 biscuit Juniors Cheap Valium From China 1 package of breakfast sausage, with the casing removed 1 package country gravy (milk according to the gravy) 1 cup coffee


Preheat the oven to 350-degrees. Flip a mini muffin tin upside down and spray with non-stick spray. Pop the biscuits open and carefully divide each in half. Lay each half of a raw biscuit onto an inverted muffin well and skip every-other one so they don’t run together. Bake for 4-5 minutes in two batches. Buy Valium From Canada The Three Bite Rule - Sausage Gravy in Biscuit Cups Pan fry the sausage. Cook through and drain the grease. Buy Alprazolam Bars Prepare the gravy according to the package in the pan from the sausage. Reduce the milk called for by 1/4 and substitute with coffee. Add in lots of cracked black pepper then┬áthe sausage. The Three Bite Rule - Sausage Gravy in Biscuit Cups Serve and enjoy! The Three Bite Rule - Sausage Gravy in Biscuit Cups They were really cute! I liked the gravy to get spiced up a bit since I didn’t make it from scratch. Keep an eye on those biscuits! As halfsies they cook quickly. They’d work well with jumbo ones on a regular size muffin pan too.

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