Bermuda Recap


bermuda_beach_590_390 I’m nicely tan and back from Bermuda. We went on a family vacay that was long over due. It had been wayyy too long since the R fam all went away together. It was just so great to get away, spend time together, hit the beach, and relax. I had a ton of fun and was so happy to travel not for a work event. How cute is Hamilton, Bermuda? Is it crazy to think Bermuda is just off of South Carolina? It feels like a world away and it seems like the Caribbean. bermuda_hamilton_590_390 We ate a lot of great food but I had a few favorites to share. I had this app that was listed as lime dressed shrimp over potatoes. It was citrusy shrimp over a creamy potato salad. I loved it. Dad had it too and we were totally surprised. It wasn’t quite what we expected but we liked every bite. I wasn’t thinking it would be a cold salad at all and that was a great surprise! bermuda_shrimp_590_390 Another favorite dish I had was a chickpea and rice cakes. These were served over a chickpea, tomato, and onion salad. There was a light creamy dill sauce over the top. I really liked this entree. The cakes were warm and crisp with a cool salad and a creamy sauce. It was delicious. bermuda_chickpeacake_590_390 On our last night, I spotted a dessert special I HAD to have. I normally lean towards desserts that are chocolate or coconut. This mango soufflé had me at soufflé. bermuda_souffle_590_390 Mr. J proposed with a surprise soufflé in NYC. I spotted this one and it was as good as it looked. It was perfectly light with a fresh sweet mango sauce. bermuda_mangosauce_590_390 This trip was really great. I definitely appreciated a week of down time after such a busy time of year at work. This year was so stressful and anxiety ridden in the office so sun, sand, and 3-course meals with the family was just what I needed.

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