Almond Joy Smoothie 2 I haven’t made a fun smoothie is such a long time. This was so different than my other smoothies purely because I didn’t use fruit in this one! I went light on the coconut and chocolate and moreso focused on the almond/oaty flavors. The mini chocolate chips were the perfect ending fitting nicely with my aluminum straws.

The Three Bite Rule - Almond Joy Smoothie I put in a bunch of grains and ice…it worked out really well! I used coconut yogurt but it’d be so great with coconut almond milk. I only used chocolate as a tiny touch but it was all the smoothie needed to also function as breakfast. Ingredients: 5.3 oz coconut Greek yogurt 1 cup ice 3 tbs oatmeal 3 tbs almonds 1 tbs flax seed (optional) 1 cup milk 1 tsp mini chocolate chips

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Cheap Xanax From Canada Directions: Buy Xanax And Valium Online In a blender, add in the yogurt, ice, oatmeal, almonds, and flaxseed. The Three Bite Rule - Almond Joy Smoothie Add in the milk and blend until smooth.
Top with mini chocolate chips (or a swirl of chocolate sauce).
Enjoy! The Three Bite Rule - Almond Joy Smoothie
I wonder what my 75-year old neighbor things when I’m outside on the deck photographing a smoothie on a random weekday morning. Ohh well, this one was worth it.

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