Fast 5-Ingredient Meals

Buy Diazepam Powder China 0 The countdown to Christmas is on and now’s the time for fast dinners that that are crowd pleasers and most importantly, take minimal thought. I assume you have takeout and regular freezer favorites and pasta covered. These may help bridge the gap of some balance but not magic. Buy Diazepam China 1. Grilled cheese & tomato soup Buy Discount Xanax Online 1 can tomato soup + 1 (28 oz) can of kitchen ready tomatoes + 2 tablespoons cream/half & half Order Diazepam Online sliced bread + cheese One can of basic tomato soup and one large can of kitchen-ready tomatoes. Blend it if your eaters want it smooth (like mine!) and a drizzle of milk or cream at the end and it will be perfect. Add anything you like to the grilled cheese. Cut into sticks for easy dipping if you’re feeling fancy.

The Three Bite Rule - French Grilled Cheese

2. Chicken, Bacon, Ranch Biscuits/Crescents Rotisserie chicken + ranch dressing + bacon + tube of biscuits or crescents serve with salad/veggies with more ranch Chicken, bacon and ranch can take a bunch of formats – as crescents, they’ll assemble & go into the oven. The last time we had them, I tossed the shredded chicken in ranch and put onto biscuits like a sandwich. The kids were both into it! Or serve as loaded fries. Or make a Greek turnover.
The Three Bite Rule - Chicken Bacon Ranch Turnovers 3. Pizza Beans 2 cans of white beans + tomato sauce + cheese + any other pizza toppings you like We have pizza beans regularly – anyone can top as they’d like and it comes together in 10 minutes. These are a good way to use some small amounts of ingredients or sauce from the freezer. Or give a Mexican twist for Taco Beans!
The Three Bite Rule - Pizza Beans 4. Corn Quesadillas in Herb Butter Tortillas + corn + butter + herbs These corn and cilantro butter quesadillas are so good and anything added to a quesadilla will turn dinner into a meal. Swap the corn for black beans or butternut squash or mushrooms or chorizo, or any-thing. Serve with black beans or corn (whichever isn’t inside!) and poof! Dinner!

The Three Bite Rule - Corn Quesadilla in Cilantro Butter Buy Soma From Canada 5. Buffalo Chicken Pasta Popcorn chicken + pasta + blue cheese or ranch dressing + hot sauce + greens I most often have this buffalo chicken pasta as a cold salad but it’s fun hot too! Use crispy chicken or rotisserie chicken. I go with arugula but spinach works too!

The Three Bite Rule - Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad

Need one extra? Breakfast for dinner is perfect. Pigs in Sleeping bags (maple sausage in crescents) is a hit here and pairs well with some eggs. Fed is best, regardless of what’s on the menu in a busy season. You’ve got this.

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