S’mores Bread Pudding

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enter Bread pudding is so foolproof. It also is the perfect dessert to make as a “small batch”. I made some mini ramekins that were a great single serving. I loved these flavors so I’m glad there wasn’t a big batch to sneak bites from. I also kicked it up a notch by using chocolate chunks. Chocolate chips would be fine but I loooove the big hunks. It is such a special touch to me.


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click here 1 cup heavy cream/light cream/milk Order Diazepam Online 2 eggs 1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 soft sub rolls cut into into cubes (or approx. 6 slices of French bread)
1 cup chocolate chunks
1 cup mini marshmallows
1/2 cup crumbled graham crackers (plus another few tbs for topping)



https://vaidosaefeminina.com/index.php/jedo878 Preheat the oven to 350-degrees.
Whisk together cream, eggs, cinnamon, and vanilla.
The Three Bite Rule - S'mores Bread Pudding
Cut bread into 1″ cubes
Mix the bread into the wet mixture and toss to coat.
Add in marshmallows, chocolate chunks, and crumbled graham crackers and stir.


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https://www.mtwmag.com/4jd23vo Spray ramekins or muffin tins, or a baking dish with non-stick spray and spoon into dishes.


follow site The Three Bite Rule - S'mores Bread Pudding
Top with remaining graham cracker crumbles.
Bake 20 minutes. Broil another minute to brown the top.


go site The Three Bite Rule - S'mores Bread Pudding
Bread pudding is so adaptable. It lends itself to so many flavor combos. I had s’mores on the brain so I went with it. I’ve made black forest bread pudding a few times and love it. It uses pumpernickel bread (which has cocoa in it = dark color) and dark cherries.


https://palmlabsadhesives.com/z4p7onx I kind of let mine go a minute too long. Seriously. That decision to broil needs to be carefully watched. I had some “crunchy” parts. It was really good nonetheless. I loved the simplicity of this for a quick dessert.


https://melissasmissteak.com/hkej73xo The Three Bite Rule - S'mores Bread Pudding

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Buy Diazepam Cheap Buy Diazepam Rectal Tubes suggested adaptations: 
bread pudding base + 1 tsp cocoa powder + strawberry slices + chocolate chips = chocolate dipped strawberry bread pudding
bread pudding base + 1 tsp cocoa powder + mini marshmallows = hot cocoa bread pudding
bread pudding base + banana + butterscotch/cinnamon chips = bananas foster bread pudding


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