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To kickoff the New Year, Mr. J and I came up with a last minute menu of sliders & frappes. Who would have thought January would be the time I’d post some new burger toppings?! It was a freezing night so we cooked the sliders inside and it was so fun. We both cook but don’t always cook together. Mr. J did the burger cooking and I helped prep the toppings. I was really happy to settle in with a fire, sliders, and yoga pants…especially at the start of 39-weeks preggers at that point. Seriously, I can’t believe that I’m still pregnant…40 weeks + 6 days. Holy Moly. Anyyyytime now little one – come on out!

Buy Xanax Bulk Just a little googling for inspiration and we came up with toppings for 3 different sliders. Chicken Burger Slider with Boursin cheese spread and caramelized onions: The Three Bite Rule - Burger Sliders This one was our fancy-ish one. I loved the spreadable cheese on here and it was definitely handy for Mr. J to do the burgers and for me to let the onions caramelize on their own time. I often am rushing them, or get distracted and they crisp too much. The onions were perfectly sweet with the herbed spread. Chicken Burger Slider with bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream & chives:  The Three Bite Rule - Burger Sliders Buy Xanax Aus This one was the all-American one. We cooked the bacon first, then cooked the burgers in the same pan in some bacon fat. Yes. Delicious. The tang of the sour cream was good with the cheddar and smokey bacon. Buy Cheap Xanax Bars Online Italian Slider with Marinara & mozzarella: The Three Bite Rule - Burger Sliders This one had a schmear of marinara on the roll and then the burger was topped with a slice of fresh mozzarella. My basil had wilted but that would have been good too. I liked the all encompassing cheese on here. Enjoy!

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