Rosemary Hard Lemonade 1


Buy Real Diazepam Online Get ready for some herby cocktails! Thanks to the family in Florida, we got a great spread of different herbs which are flourishing in our garden! I’ve been using them to cook with but there’s plenty so now I’m introducing a few cocktails! This is perfect for your labor day menu! Make a pitcher! The Three Bite Rule - Rosemary Hard Lemonade watch I started with lemonade and citrus vodka, and then added a sprig of rosemary and dropped a few frozen blueberries on top. So good!

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Diazepam 2 Mg Order Online 1 shot citrus vodka see 4 shots lemonade ice 1/2 shot lemon juice follow url 1 sprig fresh rosemary get link frozen blueberries

Directions: Add some ice to a glass with a sprig of rosemary. In a cocktail shaker, add 2 ice cubes, lemonade, vodka, and lemon juice. The Three Bite Rule - Rosemary Hard Lemonade Buy Loose Valium Shake shake shake. Serve over the ice and rosemary. Top with a few blueberries. The Three Bite Rule - Rosemary Hard Lemonade Enjoy!

get link I loved this. The lemon juice really balanced the flavor from being too sweet since my lemonade was Crystal Light, not a tart lemonade. The rosemary was perfect. It wasn’t too much…I didn’t want it to become woodsy. I might not buy rosemary just to make this, but it is a perfect use for rosemary if you have it from something else.

source The Three Bite Rule - Rosemary Hard Lemonade Get your hands on some rosemary to make these…just not all at the same meal with the cocktail:
Rosemary in white beans, then top with something deliciously grilled
Rosemary in the Parisian Burger, seriously favorite burger of all time
Rosemary & Truffle oil on some baked french fries or homefries