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Order Xanax Online Canada Have I mentioned I hate to grocery shop? I know, most people don’t mind it. It’s a stumbling block since I love to cook. I think it’s moreso that I don’t like how much money it is. I used to grumble since afterwards I then had to carry it up three flights…now there are no stairs involved. Also, it made me so sad to see really little kids there with their parents when I’d go super late (like 10 o’clock, past their bedtime). My previous grocery store was always crowded.  I now shop at the world’s largest grocery store. I cannot believe how big it is and it isn’t ever crowded. I might be coming around. This dinner was a 1 pot meal with what I had around in an effort to use a few things up AND to avoid shopping just one more day.

Ingredients: 2 sweet Italian sausage links 1 yellow onion, quartered Buy Genuine Diazepam Uk 1 tbs butter 1 apple Buy Daz Diazepam 1 cup chicken broth ½ cup dried cranberries white or brown rice

Directions: In a dutch oven, brown sausage until cooked most of the way through and then remove it from the pan. When cooled a bit, slice into disks. one_pot_sausage_590_390 Stir in broth and scrape any browned bits off the bottom. Cook for 5 minutes on medium. one_pot_broth_590_390 Buy Generic Diazepam Uk Add onions and butter until translucent. one_pot_onion_590_390
Add in apple, sliced sausage pieces, and cranberries.
Cover and cook for 7 minutes more (or until sausage cooks the rest of the way through and the cranberries have rehydrated).

This was so good, so easy, and had really minimal clean up! Win, win, win!
I served this over some rice and steamed some broccoli on the side. I decided to thicken it a little bit with a cornstarch slurry but it is good the way it is. You could easily do most of the prep without the apple and cranberries the night before for a reallllly quick dinner.

I wish I had given the apples less cooking time but they were a different texture than the sausage anyway. I loved the cranberries in there. How good would it be over wild rice? I plan meals ahead of time, I bring a list. What will make me enjoy it more. Maybe I should get to pick out a treat each time (as in a random ingredient to play with)!

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