Feeding the Little One

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get link Mr. J and I definitely have a little eater. Maybe he’s taken cues from us, or the pups who eat all that is served in one sitting, or his genes, or he’s just himself and is hungry, interested, and into food at this moment. Right now we’re taking the approach of just keeping serving varied foods and he’ll eat it or not but there aren’t other options at that meal. T has several teeth coming in so texture or mouth-feel could be a part of his current trends. Here’s what he’s been loving, or not into lately:


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https://www.mtwmag.com/b0etnkv761 follow link Into: feeding himself with forks & spoons. get link It is pretty hysterical to see him speed up the fork usage by manually putting something onto the fork- after several attempts to spear it hasn’t worked. Baby + spoon + yogurt = a true testament to how challenging aim is. He’s so proud of himself!

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https://makerversity.org/4j80nwhc follow link Not into: grilled cheese at Gram & Pops houseĀ  https://londonorienteering.co.uk/2023/11/6r9ghka3 Huh? I thought you were part mouse always wanting cheese! Quesadillas are often a staple for him so this surprised me.


watch https://mybeautybunny.com/bziiqxnk Into: grilled sausages & grilled herbed potatoes Buy Yellow Valium Sometimes he passes over meat, and grilled/charred pieces but he was into both of these the other night!


https://vaidosaefeminina.com/index.php/ecc3vzhq https://iberomedia.com/blog-inbound-marketing/agm62z1j3 Not into: tortellini follow url Long-shaped pasta is always a hit, farfalle was gobbled down recently, but both hot tortellini and tortellini salad were no-gos this time. Who ARE you?


https://naturallyequine.com/2023/11/8cg8g4tp https://www.lizandryan.com/uesirrvf8l Always into: fruit – all.the.fruit, sweet potatoes, muffins, corn, beans, raw tomatoes, cucumbers

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https://londonorienteering.co.uk/2023/11/c3zowowva5 https://deepblue.com/c86xw54xbex Hit or miss right now: green beans, avocado, eggs, deli meat, pickles, some foods if he has them in close succession. mixed results so they’ll keep appearing and we’ll continue to see what happens.