Buffalo Chicken Burrito

Rice & crisping the outside turn this from wrap to burrito. It has crispy chicken tossed in buffalo sauce, rice, greens, carrots, just a little cheese, and dressing of your choice before getting crispy on the outside and melty on the inside.

Buffalo Chicken Burrito
Ingredients: for 2

1/2 cup cooked rice
2 tortillas, burrito size
~10 breaded chicken chunks
1 cup arugula
1 carrot
1/3 cup cheese
buffalo sauce
ranch/blue cheese

Prepare the rice – I used brown rice in the pressure cooker for 10 minutes.
Cook/crisp the chicken.
Chop the arugula and chop or shred the carrot.
Cut the chicken if needed, toss the chicken in the buffalo.
Assemble the burritos with the tortilla, cheese, rice, arugula, carrot, chicken, and lastly the dressing.

Before rolling them up, preheat a pan to medium heat with a drizzle of oil or non-stick spray.
Tuck the ends towards the center, then roll it up, carefully tucking the sides inward.
Carefully cook rotating it to evenly crisp. Use tongs to ensure it stays rolled up.

Slice and enjoy!

It’s perfect. I thought about adding pickled onions and tomatoes but it seemed like it was bordering on too much. I loved it. It needs so little chicken and so little rice per burrito so it makes a great use of leftovers – it becomes impossible to wrap if it gets too full too!

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