Dying Easter Eggs

Happy almost-Easter! Sis and I dyed eggs and got really into it! There were techniques and tools. Ohh my!

I cut painter’s tape to make a chevon egg.
We did some rubber banded dyed eggs. They came out like tie-dye!
We broke out some nail polish. That made the easiest dots. Crackle top coat polish made a white-wash looking on.

I haven’t dyed eggs in years and it was really fun. I’m glad we tried our hands at some different techniques.

Don’t forget: cooled eggs will dye better; white vinegar will make the dye more vibrant. Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Dying Easter Eggs

    • hmmm. Interesting. I think we only ever got white for egg dying. When we got older we didn’t even hard boil them. They were just fancy eggs for baking or breakfast! hahaha

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