Cranberry Soda Cocktail

I love the fall-finds at Trader Joe’s I grabbed this cranberry soda without a plan for it but it sounded good and had serious potential. Sometimes special cocktails don’t need  a reason. They make a random night’s dinner prep that much more exciting!

The Three Bite Rule - Cranberry Soda Cocktail


1 1/2 cups cranberry soda (or cranberry juice + club soda)
1/2 shot cranberry vodka
1/2 shot whipped vodka
splash lime juice


Mix vodkas and soda over ice.
Add a splash of lime juice.
The Three Bite Rule - Cranberry Soda Cocktail
It was so good. I think the whipped vodka was key to this. It kept it from being overly bitter with a hint of a creamy flavor. It is so pretty too. #winning

The Three Bite Rule - Cranberry Soda Cocktail
Ginger ale with a splash of cranberry juice would be good flavors in this. Orange zest and cointreau would be good flavors. How great would the orange flavors be for brunch?!

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