Room Redoing

Did I mention we’re in the midst of a room reno? Mr. J and I are painting our bedroom. We’ve been dining and dashing upstairs to paint a coat every night. Here’s what we’re going for. I’ll be sure to show you the finished product (so excuse my poorly crafted mood board in the meantime).

We painted the walls an icy gray and the trim a bright white.

The Three Bite Rule - Bedroom Mood boardWe have our eye on a gray tufted headboard (that appears to be back ordered). We need to pick out a new mattress too. The chevron rug is on the way to help the wood floors feel homey. We will hack our ikea dressers at some point too. Momma R finally has our go-ahead to make our wedding quilt. We have closets the entire width of the room with bi fold doors. The doors are Mr. J’s nemesis so we’re going to try to change them up too. We’re toying with the idea of a gallery wall or photo canvases. The pup might get a smaller bed since he only spends about 50% of his night’s sleep there anyway.

Have a happy weekend and just wait till I tell you what I’m up to this weekend! ;)

Keep Calm

I’m realizing that some of my posts might make it look like I have it all together. If you happen to be having one of those days where the blogosphere appears perfectly coordinated when you aren’t as put together then I hear ya but I can also console you. I don’t have it all together.

Did I mention Mr. J and I are painting our bedroom? This is quite the undertaking for us. We’re new to being home-owners and it is a learning process. Thankfully our house didn’t need much. Ummm have you seen my gorgeous kitchen?
The bedroom painting is progressing, slowly but surely. Here’s what I keep telling myself:
a) we’re lucky that we can just set up camp in a guest room.
b) that we don’t have any actual renovation projects.
c) it looks awesome (the parts that are done).
d) that Mr. J and I work together really well and definitely have similar tastes.

Here’s what really annoys me:
a) the trim is taking FOREVER…as in 4 coats. It didn’t seem like much trim but the radiators, around the windows, closets, baseboards, and the door, is quite a lot.
b) to get dressed I need to put on my paint flip flops to traverse over the plastic sheeting because there are clothes in both bedrooms and my stuff feels scattered.
c) by the end of the day I’m tired- trying to set up to paint and clean up each night takes time and we’re only inching closer to being done.
d) I haven’t cooked, grocery shopped, or meal planned which means we’ve been buying lunch and feeling physically crappy for eating poorly and not sleeping well. I like my routines.
e) every weekend is jam packed and there still a lot to do before we can actually move back into the room (like pick out a new bed etc).

September is going to be a very busy month. I keep taking on more things which I love, but which also overwhelm me. I have 1st world problems. I have some work travel, 2 weekend trips away, I agreed to walk an insane distance in the name of work-research, and there’s lots more bedroom re-doing to do. I have some fun posts for you coming up (like a potluck! something with bacon! something with neutella!) so stay tuned, and good luck if you’re feeling the weight of everything too.

(need bacon? get fun bacon stuff here!)

Sandwich Meal Board

Need a good summer sandwich idea? Ms. A shared her sandwich with me…well, not the actual sandwich but what her sandwich was!

sourdough bread, toasted
sundried tomato pesto
swiss cheese

Sandwich IdeaYum!

What are your makings of a good sandwich?

List: Post Event

I have lots of sleep to get caught up, a mound of laundry, a husband, family, friends and pup who may have felt neglected by me, and probably multiple emails to catch up on but I’ve been formulating a list of what I want to accomplish after my event is over this season. I work all year for an event this past weekend. It is crazy but as we say in the biz, we chose this life. The thousands of people who participated last weekend raised millions of dollars and changed the lives of medically uninsured or underinsured, in addition to their own.

Once I get my life back together and once I know which end is up, I’m wanting to tackle some of these things:
Pull apart bread, like this or this or maybe I’ll try a do-over on this
Pot du crème like this
Some sort of crazy salsa (and by crazy, I mean with grilled pineapple or tomatillos or something unusual)
My own pizza dough

My head is spinning. Stay tuned, and tell me, what should I make?

Biz Cards

Back during my 1st blogaversary, I said mapped out my goals. One of them was to get business cards. The day has come.

drum roll please!
biz card

Aren’t they awesome? That’s the front and back. So snazzy. I’m really excited.

Also, the day has come to drop down to 2 posts a week until my event at work is over. This is my busiest time of year and it’s all I can do to be a real person (like do laundry, go to the gym, walk the dog, and eat real food) and to do what I need to do to stay sane when I’m not working (like lounge, sleep, read, watch dumb tv). Every year is like this so I knew it was coming. In June I’ll be back to 3 posts per week.

In the meantime, send me a guest post (emily@thethreebiterule) or wish me luck!

Multiple Birthdays

My birthdays are the best. I pluralize it since I usually try to ensure that it is several days/meals long.

I had to work on my birthday. I know, bummer. I knew it was coming so at least I could mentally prepare. To work’s defense, my birthday did fall on a Saturday this year. I’m just a baby and consider my birthday to be a national holiday. (It is a holiday in Japan! Doll Day!)
I came home from work and Mr. J’s presents began! He designed my business cards! Woohoo! Wait till you see ‘em…they’re amazing. He also planned, shopped, and was ready to blog dinner. AND THEN he made dessert. All before we left on our date! He’s the best. For dinner we had pork with a balsamic strawberry topping over wilted spinach. Ohh so good. Then he made molten lava cakes! What a keeper. Stay tuned for his post.

The next night I had my family birthday at my parents house with my parents, Sis, Gram, and Mr. J. Usually I request Coq au Vin, but since I got Mum’s recipe I have to make it myself.

We had pork stuffed with boursin and apricots. It was funny they each thought of pork for me. Love those pigs. Unfortunately the pictures are MIA :-(

At work, Ms. K made me a pirate themed ice cream cake. Yay! I had a pirate hat and everyone else had eye patches. I’m pretty psycho at work right now so there wasn’t much time to celebrate but the cake was delicious. She remembered that a) I love pirates and b) that ice cream cake is my fav!

In an effort to extend my birthday celebrations (and to be reasonable in not trying to host after working all day) I celebrated my birthday again the next weekend. If last year was any indication there are a lot of photos so hold tight. Just you wait for the theme.

Multiple Christmas Dinners

Christmas probably seems like a long time ago for you, but for Mr. J and I, it was a whirlwind and feels like it just happened. We really tried not to wish Christmas away while awaiting our closing date and moving day. Christmas is a multi-day, multi-state, multi-family celebration for Mr. J and me. We coordinate our travel plans to spend time with his family in Maine and with my family in Greater Boston. It’s so fun, quite tiring, and there’s many meals. Here’s my recap of how those days were enjoyed through the meals.

At my family’s holiday, we are all about the traditional foods year after year. Apparently we cannot (or will not) break a few of these food traditions. On Christmas eve the R family has soup (clam chowder)
My dad madee an amazing antipasto salad. He’s not really the cook in our family so we were impressed!
My mum made the cutest cheese ball I’ve ever seen.
On Christmas morning, we have coffee and a cheesecake-like coffee cake while we start gifts. It had apricot jelly and almonds on it.
During a gift break, we have brunch with this casserole assembled the night before. It has rice, ham, cheese, eggs, and asparagus. It’s creamy and delicious.
Christmas dinner was a surprise this year. Turducken! I was sooo excited to try it. We weren’t overly impressed and I think their suggested cooking time was way too much.
We weren’t sure it would feed the 7 adults attending so we had a few heftier sides like this awesome shrimp dish (just shrimp, butter, and ritz).
We had a Yule Log since it’s Dad’s favorite.
In Maine Mrs. S recreated my failed apple bacon stuffed French toast. Amazing. It was so thick, sticky, and had plenty of crunchy bacon. I loved it and I knew somebody else could do it right.
For lunch/dinner we had a cool ramen and cabbage salad. I’ve never had one with grapes and I loved it.
We had some crockpot dishes that were good for feasting throughout the afternoon. The turkey meatballs we delicious.
I wish I got a shot of the cake balls. I mean I ate enough of them there really wasn’t an excuse not to get a photo.

Christmas was really fun and we are always so grateful to make it to both families.

Just Like The Terminator

…I’ll be back. I need a bit more time since I am settling into my new home. We JUST got internet and cable and have made our way through the boxes. Work is nutty and post-holiday craziness is subsiding, so we’re getting there!

I have some exciting tidbits for you, when I do come back. Here are some morsels you can salivate over until I return in full force:

  • a google-hosted mac & cheese tasting: 5 mac and cheeses…count ‘em
  • 2 amazing Christmases
  • maybe some resolutions for the new year
  • a tour of my dare-I-say amazing kitchen (complete with new-to-us but from-the-wedding gifts!)
  • a cookie swap at one of Boston’s best bakeries
  • pumpkin pasta
  • tomato zucchini risotto
  • etc etc etc

See ya soon!