Frozen Breakfast Burritos

I whipped up these breakfast burritos to freeze so I could have them on hand for whenever the mood strikes. I love savory breakfast options and this packs a punch without a lot of work. I wanted them to be a smart portion and healthier than fast-food breakfast so I opted for turkey sausage, getting a veggie in there, and mostly eggwhites.

The Three Bite Rule - Frozen Breakfast Burrito


1 cup egg beaters
2 eggs
8 oz turkey breakfast sausage
2 cups arugula or spinach
8 oz shredded cheddar cheese
6 wheat tortillas, 8″


Heat a medium skillet to medium high heat, then fry the sausage. Once cooked, let it cool.
Whisk together the egg beaters and eggs, then cook in a large skillet over medium low heat. Once cooked, let it cool.
Assemble the burritos with greens, eggs, sausage, and cheese.
The Three Bite Rule - Frozen Breakfast Burrito
Fold the sides in and roll the burrito closed. Then wrap in plastic wrap to freeze.
The Three Bite Rule - Frozen Breakfast Burrito
To eat, defrost in the fridge overnight, or microwave on defrost for 1 minute. Toast in the oven or toaster oven.
The Three Bite Rule - Frozen Breakfast Burrito
The arugula is a big flavor. I might use spinach next time.

suggested adaptations: 
bfast burrito + pepper jack cheese + salsa + black beans + corn – greens = Mexican Breakfast Burrito
bfast burrito – sausage + bacon – greens + herbs + a schmear of cream cheese = fancified bfast wrap
bfast burrito – cheddar – sausage + goat cheese + tomatoes + basil = vegetarian bfast wrap

Kale & Portobello Breakfast Strata

Again, I’m on the quest for not-sweet breakfast ideas. I wanted to try to make something that wasn’t all that egg-y. I love eggs but breakfast seems to be either sweet or eggs or fruit. That’s it. I figured I’d try to make something not heavy on the eggs, just for a challenge.

This veggie strata isn’t all that authentic – I went light on the eggs and light on the bread. It is really heavy on the kale and mushrooms to make it filling. I liked it, but wouldn’t eat it weekly. I made a ton and froze a few slices once I got tired of it.

Google helped me come up with a name for this. There’s a fine line between quiche (traditionally has crust, more egg than other ingredients) versus frittata (crustless, often has potatoes)  versus strata (crustless, with bread in it).

The Three Bite Rule - Kale & Portobello Strata


3 eggs
1 1/2 cups milk
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 small onion, chopped
3 cups kale, deveined and chopped
1 pt portobello mushrooms, chopped
1/2 cup swiss cheese
3 slices of light wheat bread, cubed
salt & pepper
2 tbs grated Parmesan


Preheat oven to 375-degrees.
In a large bowl, add kale and mushrooms.
The Three Bite Rule - Kale & Portobello Strata
Add in the onions, cheese, and bread.
In a separate bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, garlic powder. Add in salt & pepper to taste.
The Three Bite Rule - Breakfast Strata with Kale & Portobello
Add the egg mixture into the veggie mixture, stir well until evenly coated.
Pour the mixture into a large baking dish, sprayed with non-stick spray in a thin even layer. (mine didn’t all fit so I put the remainder into a smaller ramekin.)
Sprinkle with Parmesan.
Bake for 30-minutes.
Let cool and serve a room temperature or slightly warmed.
The Three Bite Rule - Breakfast Strata with Kale & Portobello
This made about 8 very sizable servings for me. It seemed like a ton. There’s only 3 eggs and 3 slices of bread in the 8 servings. It would be an easy way to use whatever veggies you have around. I’m lucky that work not only provides lunch daily but there’s a salad everyday, but who doesn’t need more veggies daily? I liked that it definitely seems different than quiche or eggs. It was good to start the day with a serious serving of veggies for a savory breakfast.

Mushrooms are a great way to bulk up the quantity of food, without adding anything bad. They’re great fillers to meatballs or to make salad more filling or burritos or anywhere to reduce the meat without feeling hungry afterwards.

What else should I whip up for savory but easy breakfast?

Traditional Lasagna

Wayyy back in early blogging days here at The Three Bite Rule I did a post about lasagna, circa 2011. I shared some tips on how to build a better lasagna. I figured that old post, with terrible photos deserved a redo. Lasagna is one of my favorite foods. I absolutely love the combination of flavors. The meat and noodles, and ricotta, and melty mozzarella are all my favorite parts! Also, not eating red meat means I can’t usually order it at restaurants.

Since that old post I blogged a butternut squash lasagna which I totally love.
The Three Bite Rule - Butternut Squash Lasagna

I also posted some lasagna tips in my father-in-law’s honor. He tested Italian restaurants by their lasagna, and I’m proud to say he liked mine!

I did a white chicken lasagna with spinach that had some amazing flavors in a comforting dish.
The Three Bite Rule - White Chicken Lasagna
You know how they say not to grocery shop when you’re hungry? I advise not to start lasagna when you’re hungry. It isn’t hard, but it dirties a lot of dishes, takes some prep time and some bake time, and is a “labor” of love to get assembled. When I made this lasagna  recently, I had already eaten a really simple dinner before whipping up lasagna.

You always could split up the work into 2 by assembling one night and baking for the first time another night when you have the oven on already. It might sound nuts but it is more fun when you aren’t trying to hurry up. I alwayssss make 2 smaller lasagnas. I prep one for early use and another for the freezer. I think lasagna is amazing as leftovers and can really be baked a few times (at a low temperature) to taste even better.

I have some adaptations and a few cooking tips. I apologize in advance that once again while making 2 lasagnas my pictures ended up as a mix between the two. Don’t get thrown off when you see an entirely different pan enter the photos. Oops! This is a recipe I totally recommend reading through, doing your prep and this will seem much easier. Make a few different lasagnas for your next gathering and you’ll be relieved by how all the prep happens in advance (as in days in advance). Poof. Instant dinner.


3/4 pound ground chicken/pork/beef
3 sweet Italian sausage links, removed from casing
1 pound lasagna noodles
2 cups ricotta cheese
1 egg
~10 fresh basil leaves, chopped
28 oz Pastene Kitchen Ready Tomatoes
6 oz tomato paste
1 cup alfredo sauce (jarred or make yourself)
1/2 can cream of chicken soup
1/2 cup milk
16 oz shredded mozzarella
3 cups baby spinach


Boil water for pasta if using traditional noodles and cook according to package (I used no-cook lasagna pasta sheets)
The Three Bite Rule - Traditional Lasagna
In a large skillet, over medium heat, brown ground meat, draining any excess grease. Then brown sausage, drain, and mix with cooked ground meat. Don’t overcook as the whole lasagna will bake again. Just cook through.
The Three Bite Rule - Traditional Lasagna
In a large pot gently warm tomatoes and tomato paste over low.
Mix ricotta, egg, basil, salt, and pepper together.
The Three Bite Rule - Traditional Lasagna
Set up your ingredients into a mini assembly line. I suggest prepping/planning your layers before you start layering. It also helps to do some math to know how many noodle sheets you’ll need per layer. It is wicked annoying to get to the end, aka the top, and be short on pasta layers.
In a 13×9 pan (or 2 9×9 pans to make one & freeze one) spray with non-stick spray and ladle some tomato sauce, topping with noodles.
The Three Bite Rule - Traditional Lasagna
Drizzle on half the alfredo sauce.
Layer on some of the meat mixture (about 3/4 of it) and sprinkle with just a bit of mozzarella
The Three Bite Rule - Traditional Lasagna
Top with the cream of chicken soup mixed with milk “sauce” and more noodles (don’t skip this, it will be your secret ingredient to add a different creamy/rich/dynamic flavor).
Add some marinara to the layer and spread on the ricotta mixture.
The Three Bite Rule - Traditional Lasagna
Top with more noodles, a drizzle of alfredo, mozzarella, and spinach.
The Three Bite Rule - Traditional Lasagna
Sprinkle on the rest of the meat mixture, and mozzarella.
Add on the noodles for the top, with marinara on the very top.
The Three Bite Rule - Traditional Lasagna
Bake 350-degrees for 45 minutes covered.
The Three Bite Rule - Traditional Lasagna
Uncover, top with mozzarella (if eating right then) and bake another 10 minutes (or until cheese is melted).
The Three Bite Rule - Traditional Lasagna

Tip if enjoying another night:
bake the 45 minutes, let cool, refrigerate to eat within a few days. On the night it is served, bake again for 30 min at 350-degrees to heat through, uncover, top with mozzarella, and bake another 10 minutes.
Tip if enjoying weeks/a few months later: bake the 45 minutes, let cool, then freeze. The day before serving, defrost by switching the lasagna from the freezer to the refrigerator for 24-hours. Then bake 30-45 minutes at 350-degrees until heated through. Uncover, top with mozzarella, and bake another 10 minutes.

some suggested adaptations: 
traditional lasagna + sautéed onions/leeks/eggplant/zucchini – spinach = more veggie centered recipe
traditional lasagna + meat and tomato sauce mixed + ricotta & alfredo mixed = easier layering recipe
traditional lasagna – meat + chopped mushrooms = vegetarian lasagna
traditional lasagna – sheets of lasagna – ricotta mixture + cheese ravioli = easy weeknight assembly option
traditional lasagna – sheets of lasagna + short pasta (rigatoni or penne or ziti) = instant lasagna
traditional lasagna – sweet Italian sausage + hot Italian sausage + pepperoni = lasagna with some zing!

The Three Bite Rule - Traditional Lasagna
Phew! That’s it. Those are my tips. Enjoy one of my favorite foods! Any family traditional ingredients I’m missing?

Sausage Stuffing

My mom makes some seriously awesome stuffing. It works like a side dish but I figured holding strong on 2 food groups meant I’d make it the main dish! I love this and would eat it far too often if it were at all good for me. It’s a fantastic wintry food and makes a great dinner or side dish. There’s a secret ingredient that is the trick.

My sous chef wanted to help #kitchendogs #fluffybailee

The Three Bite Rule - Sausage Stuffing


4-6 sausage links, removed from the casing (I used turkey sausage this time)
1 loaf of sourdough bread or something crusty
1 can golden mushroom soup (even mushroom-haters will not notice this is in here)
1/2 cup white wine
1/3 cup water
1 tbs Worcestershire sauce
1 tbs garlic, minced
1 yellow onion, chopped
salt and pepper


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Heat a large skillet to medium heat while you chop the onion and remove the casing from the sausage links.
Brown the sausage, breaking it into smaller chunks with the back of a wooden spoon.
In a medium pot, warm the soup, wine, water, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic over medium heat.
The Three Bite Rule - Sausage Stuffing
Cut the bread into chunks.
When the sausage is mostly cooked through, drain any excess grease and add the onions into the pan with the sausage. Cook a few minutes until the onion gets soft and a bit translucent, about 5 minutes.
In a large bowl, toss the cooked sausage and onions and bread together.
The Three Bite Rule - Sausage Stuffing
Pour the liquid mixture into the bowl and mix well.
Empty the whole bowl into a large baking dish, sprayed with non-stick spray.
The Three Bite Rule - Sausage Stuffing
Bake uncovered for 40 minutes. Broil the last 3 minutes if the top hasn’t crisped enough
The Three Bite Rule - Sausage Stuffing
Yum. I love this one. The golden mushroom soup is so flavorful – just don’t confuse it with cream of mushroom soup.

I served this with some roasted asparagus for a quick dinner. The leftovers are great and it is just an inviting unfussy meal.
The Three Bite Rule - Sausage Stuffing
I found a loaf of artisan bread with garlic in it. It was pricey but I only used 4 sausage links and the bread. Other ingredients were super cheap and this was about 5 servings for us.

Shhhh. I nibbled on some leftovers for breakfast one morning when all I wanted was a non-sweet breakfast. What? A touch of maple and this is the ideal salty breakfast…just call it savory bread pudding and nobody will think twice.

some suggested adaptations:
this recipe + celery/kale/portobello/peppers = more veggie-ful stuffing
this recipe – golden mushroom soup + low sodium chicken broth = less salty/lower sodium meal (or reduce the soup to half a can and increase the water to 3/4 cups
this recipe + muffin tins = easily servable stuffing cups
this recipe – turkey sausage + soy sausage crumbles = vegetarian stuffing
this recipe + dried cranberries + sage = super seasonal flavors

BBQ Chicken Bubble Up Pizza

This is one of the easiest pizza I’ve ever made. I love how this is kind of like regular pizza but kind of assembled like a casserole. Don’t get turned off by the term casserole. This is doughy BBQ chicken pizza and it is delightful.

The alternative “crust” is super simple and should not be overlooked.
The Three Bite Rule - BBQ Chicken Biscuit Pizza


1 can refrigerated biscuits
1-2 chicken breasts
1 cup BBQ sauce
½ red onion
8 oz shredded cheddar cheese


Preheat oven to 375 degrees and heat a large skillet over medium heat.
Cut chicken into chunks and cook in the pan with half of the BBQ sauce. Turn over to cook for about 7 minutes. The chicken needs to cook most of the way through (it will cook more in the oven).
The Three Bite Rule - BBQ Chicken Biscuit Pizza
Open the biscuits and cut them in quarters, tossing them with 1 tbs of the remaining BBQ sauce.
Drop them into a 9×9 or 9×12 baking dish that has been sprayed with nonstick spray.
The Three Bite Rule - BBQ Chicken Biscuit Pizza
Sprinkle on half the cheese, the onions, the chicken, and BBQ sauce.
The Three Bite Rule - BBQ Chicken Biscuit Pizza
Bake 25 minutes.
Top with remaining cheese and bake for another 10 minutes.
The Three Bite Rule - BBQ Chicken Biscuit Pizza

I loved this. It was simple and most of the prep time is oven-baking-time. I would customize this pizza a million ways. It would be easy to make a few different ones at the same time or even just half and half in the pan. Or in individualized dishes. How fun!

I think making it with BBQ chicken, and without any marinara, this becomes more borderline casserole. The biscuits were a soft and doughy base ideal for any pizza under the sun.
The Three Bite Rule - BBQ Chicken Biscuit Pizza

Want more easy alternatives to using dough for the crust? Here’s a Greek pizza on pita bread, or French bread pizza, or pizza dip, or on Indian naan.

I’ve been whipping up BBQ pizza forever. It was the first meal I cooked for Mr. J, way back, pre-blogging days. Speaking of Mr. J… We are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary! I feel like we justttt got married. For our honeymoon we went to Spain & Italy. We went to Portland, ME for our 1st anniversary(seen here & here) with another celebration a bit after the actual date in New Orleans & through the Caribbean. This year’s trip is a big one! Just wait till I’m back & ready to blog it!